My favorite Website features are?

  • 24 May 2021 4:21 PM
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    Fritz Wirth (Administrator)

    We are on a path to redesign our website to make it useful to you.  We mostly need to know what you would look for and want when you come to this site.  Is it interaction with other members?  If information, what kind and what type? If events, what kind and how often? Equally important is what you do not want to see.

    Please tell us below so everyone can see, so duplication of thoughts can be minimized, but feel to concur or take exception in a friendly positive manner.  This is all about building what works.

    If you feel more comfortable sending email, that option is also open.  Send emails to

  • 15 Jul 2021 6:53 PM
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    Fritz Wirth (Administrator)

    Inkipedia database

    Access to Stained Finger past publications

    Inkwell research panel (need to settle on a name) to investigate member submissions.

    Blog/news column

    Links to inks (resources available to collectors)

  • 18 Sep 2021 3:10 PM
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    I don't have anything much to add unless it is an inkwell resting in some corner that no one else has seen.

    Mostly I wanted to thank you all for keeping this organization going. I loved the Stained Finger and would love to access some of the old ones and their articles. I also found that the articles by various professionals who could write about the history of a particular inkwell, also their rarity, cost and where you find the treasures. 

    Seeing photos of the variety of inks is very helpful. I'll see if I can add any photos of my own but mine aren't too exotic. Pretty pedestrian! 

    Most come from flea markets or estate sales!

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  • 31 Dec 2021 3:29 PM
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    Curtis Scaglione

    I would like to see patents. My interest is with American made office appliances. Help me to identify American made vs European made inkstands and inkwells.

    Allow members to assist you by sending a patent you may not have found.

  • 11 Feb 2022 4:11 PM
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    Jane Pettit

    I do enjoy seeing the collections of others, esp. when there are intriguing STORIES behind them. Will it be possible for some of us to add a photo or 2 of our most interesting acquisitions to the photo album? 

  • 24 Jan 2023 7:34 PM
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    Fritz Wirth (Administrator)

    This a test message for item

  • 19 Mar 2023 5:27 PM
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    I also like the Virtual Museum choices. I know there are thousands of collectors out there - I wish we could connect with them all. This is a wonderful organization :)

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