Read the very first issue of The Stained Finger published in the very early 1980's.  In addition to the "How Much Insurance Do I Need?" and "Inkwells Through The Ages" articles, please be sure to read the "Publisher's Statement" on the second page.

Vince lays out his reason for putting out The Stained Finger.  His dream is all laid out for you to consume.  Everything he wants and sees possible for the newsletter is what could be possible for this website now that we are in the digital age.  He saw then the possibilities of what membership participation could bring to everyone.

Future copies from The Stained Finger archives will shared in the Member-only section of our site, so join up and join us!

Enjoy the following link V1N1_HowMuchInsurance.pdf to the first issue!

Just for you!  Read V31N1  A Guide to Inkwell Materials  or What is This Thing Made Of???  A very nice article by Beth Leitz presented in the spring 2009 issue of The Staind Finger. 

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